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Massage classes

» What is Thai massage? - Therapeutic Thai Massage learn in a week at your location

» Intensive 5 days course
» Travel Study in Thailand
» Other classes

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

It is an ancient massage technique that is believed the personal physician of Buddha developed over 2,500 years ago in India. It depends on meridian channels throughout the body, which were charted by ancient healers. Thai Massage consists of many aspects. For example, the influence of the Ayurvedic medical tradition brings aspects that are similar to yoga. Along with assisted yogic positions, other aspects of Thai Massage include rocking, rhythmic muscle compression and stretching. An aspect that reflects the influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the masseuse uses thumbs, elbows, palms, forearms, feet, and knees to massage and apply pressure along the body’s energy meridians called Sen-Lines. The therapists use of more angular body parts to apply pressure to specific areas of the body is reminiscent of acupuncture. The main purpose of Thai Massage is to create a state of harmony between body, mind and spirit thus providing the foundation for self-healing. The receiver of the massage lies on a floor mat, fully clothed. These are the foremost differentiating factors between Thai Massage and western style massages. The therapist uses acupressure points not only to relieve joints and muscles of any tension, but also to release the healing energy from the body’s meridians. Along with this, the masseuse uses gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions to prepare and invite the body to stretch and achieve yogic positions without triggering the body’s defense reactions.

5 days Level 1 certification course

This is the introduction course of Therapeutic Thai Massage. If you want to add a new service to your massage office, this will help as a starter. Srtudents will learn the history of Thai massage, basic knowledge, and basic Thai massage routine for 40 minute session with spine and sitting position of Southern style Thai massage. This includes neccessary basic body mechanics to perform it.

Upon a request
One week
Monday - Friday
(8 am-12 pm)

Minimum number of students : 5

Place : Your salon or at the hotel where the instructor stays, or D-CHAI LLC Madison office
Cost : $400 + Travel expense

Please call 608-835-1800 or email : thaimassage@d-chaillc.com

Level 2 - 5 (each 20 hours CEU available as well)

Level 2

Students will learn a proine position work to combine with the techniques learned in level 1. More stretching techniques, some pressure points, and time management techniques are introduced. This will stretch your skills to perform 60 minutes Southern style Thai massage sequence.

Level 3

Students will learn how to massage larger clients by adupting various techniques including many other bodu parts to be used to massage lather than thumbs. Students will learn how to use their own arms, elbows, knees and feet effectively. This will stretch your sequence up to 90 minutes.

Level 4

Students will be introduced to Northern style Thai massage basic routine for 90 minutes session. Some rural style will be also introduced in order to perform it safely, including bare-foot walking techniques on client's body. By combining Southern style and Northern style, students will be able to perform up to 120 minutes sequence.

Level 5

Students will learn how to use the pressure point work to improve an effecrtiveness of the session. Some of the specific problem solving skills, like working a client with a tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, knee problems, and etc. Students also will be introduced to Thai foot mssage which is Thai style reflexology.

Learn Thai massage in Thailand - Travel Study Guided tour

Experience Thai Massage in Thailand

*Guided tour to Bangkok and Krabi
*Flight and some meals are included
*Hotels included
*Transportation in Thailand included
*Tuition - Learn Thai massage basics in the best place, in Thailand

Dates will be up to you. Anytime you can go.

Twelve days tour price, starting at $4,900 (Private tour)
*depends on the number of people $3,800 each for two people

Call or Email for details



Other classes

Thai foot massage, Luk Pra Kob
(Herbal ball massage) and shiatsu style
are also available upon a request.
Please call 608-835-1800 or email to

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